Growing Kitty Week Five

A1Savannahs Savannah Kitten

Well Hello Week Five

Week five the kittens are becoming more and more dependent. They are starting to eat solid foods and should be mostly litter box trained now. Running and playing with their litter mates is on top of the priority list. 

A1Savannahs Kittens Eating

Mom I Got This

Starting at week five moms will start weaning their kittens. This will be a slow process over a period of several weeks so mom still needs to be around. Kittens should be introduced small amounts of wet food. The food needs to be a high-quality food that mom should already be accustomed to. Make sure it is specified for kittens or all life stages and the ingredients are things you can actually read. It is always best if the first ingredient is meat like turkey or chicken and not a byproduct. With Savannahs, we recommend a high protein food but all cats are obligate carnivores so more protein will never hurt any domestic cat. The kittens will watch and learn from their moms when it comes to eating wet food. They will mock what she does as she is the best teacher.



Kittens are very rambunctious and their balance is much better now. They are running and playing with all of their litter mates and mom even joins in on the fun. They are very curious and are getting into anything and everything. Kittens also are trying everything they can get in their mouths so it is important to have any harmful substances put away. This would include any cleaner or chemical, small objects as well as any clumping litter. Don't forget that the kittens need to have a natural litter that will not upset their bellies if ingested.  

See Me Now

Week five the kittens eye sight is completely developed. They are stabilizing on all four legs and using their tail to balance them out. They can now retract their claws at will so make sure you start playing and massaging their paws so they are used to nail trims. They are about 18-20 ounces now and their premolars are starting to come in making it much easier to chew that new solid food. Socializing the kittens is still very important and should have playtime for at least 2-3 hours per day. 

What type of kitten food do you feed your babies?

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