Growing Kitty Week Four

A1Savannahs SBT Savannah Kitten

Week Four 

Week four has loads of growth. We are growing in size, our senses are completely developed, and we can walk with our tail up!

All Our Senses

During week four, kitten's senses are said to be completely developed. Their eye sight is now as good as their mothers so they can see the world around them. Bright lights do not tend to bother them as much as they venture around to new places.  They can also hear much better which means they do not get startled as easily and can detect a playful sibling about to pounce. Sense of smell is such an important part of a cat's life and during this week they can smell what's cookin' on the stove... well in our case what's cookin' in the bowl. 

Up Up and Away 

Kittens ears are now fully upright big and tall. They can play and pounce a bit more gracefully now while holding their own tail up! During the fourth week, the kittens are usually weighing in at around a pound but expect a big growth spurt. Their teeth are coming in nicely and will start using them more and more every day.  Momma's are starting to leave their kittens for longer periods of time. They are learning to groom themselves but mom always comes in to add the final touches.  You can also introduce a small bowl of water for them to play in..... I mean drink from. Kittens are very curious at this age, they are busy exploring and working out the details of their surroundings.  

A1Savannahs SBT Savannah Kitten

Play with Me

Again, during these weeks, it is extremely important to socialize and interact with the kittens. This is when they learn that this big giant thing, we call humans, is nice and fun not frightening. Laying or sitting on the floor with them is a great way for them to come to you on their terms. It builds their confidence around each other, you, and new fun toys. By the end of the play date you end up being this super awesome kitty jungle gym and the kittens can't get enough!

Have you ever experienced being a kitty jungle gym?

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