Welcome to our Videos page.  Here you can see all of our YouTube videos.  If you click the title it will take you to our YouTube channel where you can comment, like or share.  Please feel free and let us know your thoughts or even what you would like to see from us.

Thank you and enjoy.

Playtime with a big cat

Playtime with A1Savannahs F2 Diesel. He just loves to play with this little toy. 

Savanah Cats Bathtub Playtime

A1Savannahs F2 Diesel and F5 Nugget having a go in the bathtub. So I was wonderful seeing young little kittens playing.

Crazy Funny F7 Savannah Rosa

This was our first time going LIVE on YouTube.  It is just a quick video of Rosa playing before she got her photos taken.  She is such a happy kitten with so much life.

Happy Cat

A1Savannahs SBT Syrus playing in his new forever home. Such a sweet boy

A Chase and a Pounce

A1 Savannahs F3 Sasha come back to visit while her parents left for a vacation. 

Sunday Funday

Meet Shiloh.  A1 Savannahs SBT kitten having a Sunday Funday.

Baby Kitten Snuggles

It's always so cute to see brother and sister lovins.

Who's the Boss

A1 Savannahs F2 Leo showing some attitude.  See who will back down and who just doesn't care.

Just a Serval and a Big Dog

Oh just a young serval watching a big dog clean his paw.  Zuri is a sweetheart that is curious about everything.

Clucking Around

A1 Savannahs Big Odin just hanging around while the chickens are just clucking around.  Not a single bother in the world.

Pregnant mom just looking for some Lovin'

A1 Savannahs F2 Isadora is just looking for some snuggles and lovin'.  She is such a sweet cat and a perfect mom to her kittens.

Savannah Cat plays ball

A1 Savannahs SBT Elliot just lives to play fetch. We've seen him fetch candies we've seen him fetch toys and now fetching a ball.

Savannah Cat plays a round of fetch

A1 Savannahs SBT Camden loves playing fetch.  

Savannah Cat vs. Bear

This is an amazing video of an A1 Savannahs F4  cat and we just don't want it to get lost or forgotten. Please share and comment. 

Nap Time with big sister

A1Savannahs F2 Leo and Lukas getting done needed relax time after a long day of playing. Big sister Zuri the serval is joining them.

Savannah Cat Babies on the Prowl

A1 Savannahs F5 Gabe and Grant getting some afternoon Lovings from mom.

How a Serval Cat uses the Toilet

A1 Savannahs Serval Zuri loves to play in the water.  She loves it so much she'll even play in the toilet. Never a dull moment.

A Cat bath by his 200lbs buddy

A1Savannahs F5 Brutus loves to hang out with his dog friend Odin the 200lbs English Mastiff. The lower generation savannah cats do so well with other pets.

On the Road Again

A1 Savannahs F2 Leo on there road trip to meet his new parents. We sure are going to miss this outgoing and sweet boy.

A1 Savannahs F5 Brutus Playtime

A1 Savannahs 12 week old F5 Brutus having some playtime with 200lbs English Mastiff Odin. Funny to see them play like this. They are true friends already.

A1 Savannahs Vivienne & F5 Veronica's First Day

A1 Savannahs F5 Vivienne & sister F5 Veronica first day in their forever home. Just watch them explore and see how sweet they are. We pride ourselves on how we socialize our little fur babies.

A1 Savannahs F4 Cleo's Thirsty

A1 Savannahs F4 Cleo getting a drink in slo-mo. It is just so amazing how you can see the fine detail of their fast movements. To think they quench their thirst with that little tongue cup.

A1 Savannahs F4 Anne and her F5 Babies

A1 Savannahs F4 Anne and her little F5 babies. Such sweet little souls and their attentive mother. There is nothing like the love and care from a mom.


A1 Savannahs Baby Serval Litter

A1 Savannahs baby serval litter from 2014. So cute and peaceful. Little baby twitching. 


A1 Savannahs Savannahs F2 and F5

A1 Savannahs  F2 Diesel and F5 Nugget having a go in the bathtub. Always wonderful seeing the young ones play. 


A1 Savannahs F4 Cleo Getting a Drink

This was our very first YouTube video.  It is of A1 Savannahs F4 Cleo getting a drink of water in SLOW MOTION.  Always so interesting to see how they do it.


A1 Savannahs F4 Cleo having playtime

A1 Savannahs F4 Cleo is on her cat tree having a blast with the little feather attached to her scratchpad.

F1 Savannah kittens on the prowl

A1 Savannahs F1 kittens just following me around the house.  They are so cute and fun to watch.

Odin and His Servals

A1 Savannahs baby servals playing with Odin.

Cat not happy about her new sweater

A1 Savannahs F4 Cleo not happy about her new sweater.  So funny to watch her.