10 Health Benefits of Owning a Savannah Cat

A Savannah cat is more than just a fun-loving fluff ball who makes coming home from a hard day at work a little easier. Owning a Savannah cat can make your life better and your body healthier. Cat ownership could even protect against a variety of diseases. Here are 10 reasons your Savannah cat might be the best thing you do for your health.

Savannah Cats Help You Make Friends

Having a cat gives you an instant connection to other cat lovers. You have an easy source of small talk and amusing stories, which can be a great ice breaker at parties or even in job interviews. Lovers of Savannah cats are especially devoted. You can join message boards and play groups, using your cat as a way to connect with others.

Because Savannah cats are rare, your cat also gives you an interesting anecdote to share at parties. People who have never heard of Savannah cats may be curious. This presents the chance to talk about cat breeds, wild animal preservation, and the unique joys of owning such a special cat.

Cats Can Relieve Pain

Stroking a cat for a few minutes can loosen tense muscles, offering some relief for both short-term and chronic pain. Chronic pain has a strong mental health component. Depression and anxiety can make the pain worse. Stress can make it hard to make good health decisions such as exercising and stretching. But cats can make it easier to lead a healthy lifestyle. Living with a cat is a powerful motivator that can relieve psychological pain and get you moving, thereby offering relief from physical pain, too.

Your Mental Health May Improve

Though mental health and physical health are often talked about in separate arenas, the two are inextricably linked. Depression increases the risk of a host of illnesses, including heart disease and premature death. Poor mental health can also make it more difficult to make good health choices, such as quitting smoking and eating a healthy diet.

Enter your cat. Like a savior for all aspects of your health, your Savannah cat improves your physical health by boosting mental wellness. Cats can help with anxiety and depression, improving mental health and helping you lead a happier life.

Your Heart Disease Risk May Be Lower

Heart disease is the leading killer, and a major contributed to disability worldwide. Simply owning or petting a cat can reduce your risk of developing heart disease. And if you already have a cat, your pet could save your life by reducing your risk of dying of a cardiovascular episode.

The heart-healthy benefits of Savannah cat ownership include:

  • Lower blood pressure

  • Lower cholesterol

  • Decreased triglycerides

  • A lower risk of diabetes

  • More opportunities for exercise

  • Lower stress

  • Better circulation

Kids May Be Less Likely to Develop Allergies

Cats bring in dust, dirt, and dander. Even indoor cats get dusty and dirty. That might seem like a bad thing, but it’s actually great for your health. Low-level exposure to allergens can help boost the immune system, reducing the risk of developing allergies, asthma, and similar health problems. The benefits are especially strong in kids. So if you want your child to grow up allergy-free, let them get down on the floor and play with your cat (with adult supervision, of course).

Your Children May Learn Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand another person’s feelings. It’s a hard thing to learn. It’s also a skill that will benefit your child for their entire life. In fact, research shows that kids with empathy and social intelligence are more likely to succeed. Social skills, not intelligence, are ultimately what make or break a career.

So what does this have to do with cats? Cats help gets learn empathy. If your child wants a good relationship with your cat, they have to learn to be gentle and read the cat’s cues. This is a lesson that will extend into your child’s relationship with others, propelling your child into a happy, healthy, successful life.

A Reason to Get Moving

Exercise may be the best thing you can do for your health. It lowers the risk of virtually every disease, from cancer to dementia, improves heart health, helps you be happier, and improves your body image. Yet many people struggle to get moving, especially after a long day at a demanding job.

Savannah cats don’t get their owners any slack when it comes to the need to exercise. These intelligent, high-energy felines need lots of high-energy play. So rather than hitting the treadmill, spend some time chasing your Savannah cat. You’ll burn calories, improve your health, and have lots of fun.

Better Sleep

Everyone loves laying down and settling into blissful repose at the end of the day. Sleep is more than just a luxury. It’s vital to your health. It helps your brain process the events of the day, promoting good mental health. It can also boost your immune system and strengthen your overall well-being. Yet many of us struggle to get a good night’s sleep. Stress, busy schedules, and the constant distraction of phones keep many people tossing and turning all night.

People who own cats sleep better, even if they don’t sleep with their cats. For people with insomnia or anxiety, though, a Savannah cat offers an additional benefit: stroking your cat as you fall asleep can help you fall asleep more quickly and sleep more soundly.

A Stronger Immune System

Just as exposure to dust and dander can prevent allergies, it can also strengthen your immune system. It works like this: exposure to tiny quantities of dander and dirt activate the immune system. This helps the immune system learn to fight off infections and other invaders. Particularly in children, the tiny microbes in cat fur activate the immune system for a lifetime of good health. No antibacterial soap required.

Help in an Emergency

If you have a chronic medical condition such as epilepsy or COPD, your cat can be trained to get you emergency help. Savannah cats are highly intelligent and mobile. They also bond strongly to their families. This makes them the perfect choice to train as an assistance animal. Cats have saved lives by calling 911, waking someone from a seizure, and intervening as a person chokes. Your cat is more than just a friend. He or she could save your life.

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