f4 savannah cat

December 2012 - F4 vs Bear

"Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce,"

This is an amazing video of an A1Savannahs F4  cat and we just don't want it to get lost or forgotten. This video went viral and was even posted on the Time.com.  Please share and comment. 

F4 Savannah vs. Bear

My name is Howard Meyer, and in December 2012 we received one of your (A1Savannahs) F-4s, a female you had named Alden.  It was for our then 16 year old daughter, Katie, that was fighting cancer.  Katie renamed her Ifunanya ("Nani") which in Nigerian means love inspires love.  Katie passed in January, but Shakespeare's "Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce," which is a saying Katie loved and lived by, lives on in her Nani.  Nani now going viral.