A1Savannahs F4 vs Bear

"Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce,"

This is an amazing video of an A1Savannahs F4  cat and we just don't want it to get lost or forgotten. Please share and comment. 

F4 Savannah vs. Bear

My name is Howard Meyer, and in December 2012 we received one of your (A1Savannahs) F-4s, a female you had named Alden.  It was for our then 16 year old daughter, Katie, that was fighting cancer.  Katie renamed her Ifunanya ("Nani") which in Nigerian means love inspires love.  Katie passed in January, but Shakespeare's "Though She Be But Little, She Is Fierce," which is a saying Katie loved and lived by, lives on in her Nani.  Dani now going viral.


A Kitty that Saved a Life.

  I'm writing you to tell you a tale. Of a wonderful kitty that saved my life. My husband was injured on the job, making it so I had to drive solo for a short time. During this time I had become ill and was having a hard time controlling my blood sugar. I am a diabetic and my sugar levels kept dropping to low. 
 Now Nika has a habit of biting and pulling my hair when I'm sleeping to wake me when she is hungry. This one night I had fed her just before going to bed, knowing she would have enough to get her through the night. Around 10:30 that night, only 2 hours in to sleep. She started it up. Pulling my hair, pawing my face and meowing in my ear. I told her she had food and to leave me be. She didn't give up and didn't stop till I sat up. When I did I knew there was something wrong, with me. I checked my sugar level and found I was dangerously low, as in almost time to send me to the hospital kinda low. 
 If it wasn't for her I could have ended up in a coma and no one would have known. It was only her and I in the truck. I knew dogs could smell the change and notify/wake the person but I never thought of cats doing it. She has done this for me once more in the last month.
  As it turns out I had a major infection, in side, that I didn't know was making me so sick. And messing up my sugar control.
  So there it is. A tale of a kitty, I got from you. My Nika, my life saver.

  Tanya Jacobs

A1Savannahs Launched a New Web Page and Logo!

Launching this new web page and logo has been a long time coming. We have been working with a fantastic team for about a year to put this all together. We still have a lot of work to do and still have several new changes in store for A1 Savannahs but one step at a time. We want to thank all of our customers for being there and giving us the feedback that we need and a huge thanks to Jen for all of your hard work helping us put the site together!