October 2nd, 2008 - Tulsa, OK News 9

October 2nd , 2008 - Tulsa, OK USA

Exotic cats bred as pets

By Jennifer Pierce, NEWS 9

Martin and Kathrin Stucki claim to have bred the perfect cat. It's a mix of wild and domesticated. And if it sounds dangerous, the couple says it's only wild in appearance. 

"It's the first time ever possible to have a cat with a wild appearance, that has a domesticated personality," Kathrin Stucki said.

A full grown Savannah is the size of a small dog, it even walks on a leash and if it's trained it will play fetch. 

"It's very easy to train them to play fetch," Kathrin Stucki said. "They bring toys back faster than my dog." ... see full article


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