Cooper and Evie - SBT Savannahs

Evie and Cooper have been nothing but a joy to our family. Both kittens have quite different yet delightful personalities! Evie couldn't be but the most loving; always purring and cuddling up to you as close as possible. She craves attention and we can't help but give in to her with those big, kind eyes of hers. She can be quite the feisty and energetic one, always pouncing on Cooper and demanding play time. Cooper on the other hand, is quite the lazy one; always sleeping and lounging around the house. He can be quite the thief however, and we can't help but laugh when he thinks he can get away with stealing a whole piece of bread and running upstairs. Anything that is NOT cat food seems to be his favorite. Also he seems to prefer any random object to play with, other than a cat toy of course. This includes TV remotes, shoelaces (as you are walking by the way), plastic shopping bags..the world is his oyster.  Both have grown so much with us and we have grown to love them both, dearly. Thank you A1 Savannahs for bringing these two beautiful creatures into our family!


 - Bidzinski family