Monte - F5 Savannah

I can't even begin to explain how great Monte is. Everyone instantly fell in love with him, and he is the best cat we have ever had. He adapted very fast and very well, he even gets along great with all the other animals. They know who's king (haha). He is a very playful, friendly, and loving cat. He even likes to follow my husband around the house all day long. It is so funny, but so cute. The kids love taking him out for walks. He can't wait to go outside, but once out there he is still a little scared, so he walks them. He is very curious, and likes to know what everyone is doing at all times. Even when the kids are playing pool, he is right on the table with them trying to playing too! He has definitely stolen all of our hearts, and we love him very much!

I want to thank A1 Savannahs again for entrusting our family with one of their babies, and to ensure them that he is very well taken care of, very loved, and gets lots of attention here!


- Amber Stevenson & Family