Fiona - F4 Savannah


I cannot even begin to describe how fortunate I was to stumble upon A1 Savannah's website. If it weren't for them I would never have been able to adopt my sweet little F4 Fiona. In the beginning I was hesitant about the breed and I asked the wonderful people at A1 a lot of questions! They took my phone calls, replied to my emails without hesitation! I couldn't have felt more confident or comfortable than the day I officially adopted Fiona. She is the most adorable cat I have ever seen. She has a super curious, strong and funny personality that makes every day fun and interesting! We are so in love with this girl! She has already learned to fetch, walk on a harness and even goes camping with us. What a joy she is! And I can guarantee you, she is definitely not the last Savannah we adopt. They make the most wonderful pets! Thank you so much Amanda and Martin for all of your help!

- Helsel Family