Thea (Khaleesi) - F3 Savannah

I apologize this has taken me so long, but I find that most, if not all, of my free time these days is spending time with this amazing little creature!  

Ms. Thea - aka bat girl, fur-monster, purr-monster, 'lil miss SASSafras, is doing awesome - or at least that is my opinion - she has her's for sure.  I have had many cats, but this one, by far, is the chattiest one.  I don't mean a meow here and there on a regular basis, we have full on conversations most days.  Ed, our golden, hasn't quite made it to her list of acceptables yet, but she is warming up to him.  He just sits and looks at her with this sad face because she doesn't give him too much of her time yet.  She is definitely owning her name - Queen. 

Over the course of the last couple of weeks, she has continued to amaze us.  I often wonder if I might be pushing too much too fast, but she seriously is one of the most chill cats about everything.  From car rides, to collar/leash training, to front yard frolics, to going to the park for the first time last night.  There isn't much that phases her at all.  Like I said, most, if not all of my free time is wrapped up in her.  She and I love to play "stalker".  She stalks me, and then I stalk her.  She attacks my foot and we start all over again.  

Khaleesi is the new alarm clock as well.  It starts off with a dramatic flop on me to get me to wake up and then it is followed by the loudest purring and meows to to get me to pet her and and get up - just wish she could hold out past 4:00 a.m., but it is hard to get mad when she is purring in my ear.  

She has had a few naughty moments - though she usually doesn't resort to the naughty unless we haven't given her enough of our attention.  She redecorated our office a couple of times - pushing all the items off the desk, sending a cryptic email to my sister at one point, and took off with my favorite lady bug beenie baby, where she proceeded to hide him in several different places. S-T-I-N-K-E-R!  And we LOVE every minute.  :)  She is an amazing little girl. 

At last - our testimonial:  

Do you believe in love at first sight?  

Since I had first heard of the Savannah cat, I made it a goal to one day bring one into our home.  I spent many, MANY hours researching the Savannah and when it came time to make it a reality, I knew I would go to A1Savannahs.  Their website, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter pages told a story - a story of love for what they do and they invite you in to their home via these mediums daily to see their amazing kittens.

When anyone asks me if I believe in love at first sight, I say I do without hesitation.  I have been fortunate enough to have this happen to me 4 times.  :)  My husband, my two children, and recently my girl, Khaleesi.  

Once I knew I was ready for the Great Savannah Adventure, I signed up for the A1Savannah newsletter.  Only a couple of days had gone by when the first one showed up in the inbox.  When I clicked on the link, I was greeted with the sweetest face I had ever seen.  I was in love!  I immediately clicked to inquire and pay the deposit - I KNEW she was the one!  Martin called to confirm that she was mine less than a couple of hours later.  I was soooo excited.  From that point forward, Martin and Amanda made the process of waiting one of the of the easiest it could be.  I am not a patient person and waiting is not a forte.  

Over the course of the next couple of months of impatiently waiting - and I mean IMPATIENTLY waiting, Martin and Amanda kept in touch.  An email here and there keeping me updated on Khaleesi's status, and at one point, providing updated pictures. Always responding to inquiries within hours.  When it was time for Khaleesi to come home, Martin and Amanda made sure no detail was left unchecked.  They were very accommodating to date/times - even allowing me to show up 2 hours earlier than we arranged (I told you I was impatient...)!  We picked up our new fur-baby and the adventure began - though to tell the truth, the adventure in the short time we have had Khaleesi, has far exceeded any expectations and this Great Savannah Adventure will be far more than I had ever hoped for.  

Clearly, the choice to go through A1 Savannah's was the right one.  I have always had cats, but I have to say Khaleesi is a one-of-a-kind.  From the time we picked her up, she has been nothing less than amazing.  Each cat in my life has been a great companion, but Khaleesi - she truly kicked it up a notch.  As I have told Martin in Amanda - she is one of the most "chill" cats when it comes to taking on new adventures. She just rolls with it.  From the day we picked her up, it was evident she was very loved - she was social, accepting, vocal, intelligent, and adventurous.  This is clearly the result of the time and attention Martin, Amanda and A1 Savannahs puts into raising well above-average kittens.  If you are considering a Savannah for your next companion, you will not be disappointed in A1Savannahs.  Their commitment to provide you a well-socialized and loving Savannah companion is clearly their number one priority.

Tara Hazlett


Hello and Welcome to A1 Savannahs.

Our cattery is USDA Licensed and a Preferred Breeder Registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). If you are looking for a Savannah Kitten, then you have come to the right place. A1 Savannahs has been breeding the finest Savannah Kittens since the beginning. A1 Savannahs, formerly New Horizon Bengals, was founded by Joyce Sroufe. Joyce started breeding Savannah Cats in the late 1980's and started to register her first litters in 1994. She is also well known among exotic cat owners and breeders as the original founder of the Savannah Cat Breed and an expert in the breeding and care of exotic cats. A1 Savannahs is now owned by Martin and Amanda Engster. Often imitated, we are the original founder of the Savannah Cat breed, and have many years combined of knowledge and experience.