Lux & Almond - Savannah


It crossed my mind, like it does, that it's been a while since we wrote to let you know how the babies are doing.  They continue to be a source of delight and wonderment in our lives. Lux hangs out in the kitchen, which commands a fine view of most of the rest of the first floor and has all kinds of awesome things to climb upon.  She turns herself into a mop when we go in there in her excitement to be played with (at least, until she's bored), which I find quite endearing.  She also likes sitting on top of Jake the Snake's house and leaving her tongue hanging out, which I've never seen a cat do before.  Jake largely ignores this and Shota doesn't seem to mind, which is nice, as that's where SHE likes to hang out (they like the heat lamps, and or the companionship of the snake, I suppose).
At this very moment Almond (whom we sometimes call Cinnabar, for her eyes have settled into that exact color) is trying desperately to shove herself under the big rug in the living room, alternating with hugging the dog, who is very confused by the whole thing.  He refers to them as The Sharp Animals and can't seem to decide if he should play with them or just hold incredibly still. The girls are getting HUGE!  
A few minutes ago Lux was doing somersaults in my lap; she was extremely pleased we're no longer jaunting around New England doing things other than being at home.  We've been on the road for almost a week and it's delightful that she's not mad.  I've met a number of cats who pretend to be angry or stomp around ignoring you when you come home from a trip. We got the kittens one of those spinny trapped ping pong ball type things by way of an experiment and, having never had cats who were especially interested in cat toys before, we are all enjoying how enthralled they are.  Almond is sleeping in the laundry while Lux chases her toy around and around.  She's turning into a night person, while Almond seems mostly active during the day.  The dog, of course, is fascinated, having never seen cats who auto-play, before.  Also, Lux has taken to oozing down the back of the couch onto whoever is sitting there.  This can be terribly surprising, but is super cute.

Basically, we're happy and healthy and all quite enjoying one another's company.

Kat and Co


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