Sabu - F3 Savannah


I just wanted to write and say that I am so very thankful that you guys gave me the opportunity to have this wonderful little guy! I cannot seem to take myself away from him. Last night I only slept for 2 hours because I just wanted to hang out with him and watch him play. He finally crawled up on my chest and fell asleep. That was so cool! 

He woke me up a little later by pouncing on my face! I took him to work with me today and he was a hit! 

Everyone was saying "what beautiful markings!" I knew they would, he is just too gorgeous! 

I made him a nice little set up with food and water, litter box and blanket in one of the crates in my grooming room and he relaxed most of the day. He spent the day sleeping on the blanket then moving into the litter box for a nap. 

I had to take pictures of that! 

I let him out to explore too when I was not busy and he seemed to enjoy that. 

I also took him outside to see what he thought of the grass, but he just wanted to explore down the sidewalk so we went back inside. 

I just cannot thank you enough for this little guy. He is so wonderful, and don't worry, he will be spoiled rotten! He is sleeping on a blanket in my lap right now. Too cute!!! Thanks again, I'm sure you will hear from me soon!   



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