Quincy - SBT Savannah


My husband and I picked up our Savannah kitten, Quincy (Eden) at the Orlando airport on June 25, 2015. From the moment he was in our car he has never stopped purring! He is the most loving cat I have ever had and he loves our two little dogs so much! He’s also quite a character...loves to hide and ambush whoever or whatever walks by; hides, plays and sleeps in cardboard boxes; gets in the fridge or any open drawer in the kitchen; leaps from floor to counter to top of fridge to alcoves below ceiling; and literally climbs walls. Dealing with Amanda was a wonderful experience. She made special arrangements to take Quincy with her to a hotel where she was attending a class to ensure she could get him on a plane to us as soon as possible. Quincy had his first birthday on February 20 and I can't wait to celebrate many, many more with this special little fellow. I would recommend a Savannah from A1 Savannahs to anyone who is looking for a unique cat and prepare to be entertained for life!


- Mary Mallett