A Kitty that Saved a Life.

  I'm writing you to tell you a tale. Of a wonderful kitty that saved my life. My husband was injured on the job, making it so I had to drive solo for a short time. During this time I had become ill and was having a hard time controlling my blood sugar. I am a diabetic and my sugar levels kept dropping to low. 
 Now Nika has a habit of biting and pulling my hair when I'm sleeping to wake me when she is hungry. This one night I had fed her just before going to bed, knowing she would have enough to get her through the night. Around 10:30 that night, only 2 hours in to sleep. She started it up. Pulling my hair, pawing my face and meowing in my ear. I told her she had food and to leave me be. She didn't give up and didn't stop till I sat up. When I did I knew there was something wrong, with me. I checked my sugar level and found I was dangerously low, as in almost time to send me to the hospital kinda low. 
 If it wasn't for her I could have ended up in a coma and no one would have known. It was only her and I in the truck. I knew dogs could smell the change and notify/wake the person but I never thought of cats doing it. She has done this for me once more in the last month.
  As it turns out I had a major infection, in side, that I didn't know was making me so sick. And messing up my sugar control.
  So there it is. A tale of a kitty, I got from you. My Nika, my life saver.

  Tanya Jacobs