A1 Savannahs F5 Brutus Playtime

A1Savannahs 12 week old F5 Brutus having some playtime with 200lbs English Mastiff Odin. Funny to see them play like this. They are true friends already.


A1 Savannahs Vivienne & F5 Veronica's First Day

A1Savannahs F5 Vivienne & sister F5 Veronica first day in their forever home. Just watch them explore and see how sweet they are. We pride ourselves on how we socialize our little fur babies.


A1 Savannahs F4 Cleo's Thirsty

A1Savannahs F4 Cleo getting a drink in slo-mo. It is just so amazing how you can see the fine detail of their fast movements. To think they quench their thirst with that little tongue cup.


A1 Savannahs F4 Anne and her F5 Babies

A1Savannahs F4 Anne and her little F5 babies. Such sweet little souls and their attentive mother. There is nothing like the love and care from a mom.


A1 Savannahs Baby Serval Litter

A1Savannahs baby serval litter from 2014. So cute and peaceful. Little baby twitching.