Nina - F2 Savannah Female

Dear A1 Savannahs

First of all, we must say we love you and A1 Savannahs! We would like to thank, from our hearts, Martin, Kathrin and the whole gang, for the immense joy of living with the two cats we bought early this year (SuperGirl, a gorgeous female F3 & Nina, an adorable, high percentage F2).

They are the most amazing creatures, surprisingly smart, super sociable, loving, endless fun, everything you would expect from the best Savannah Cat cattery in the world :-)! My wife and I have no words to express our enormous gratitude and happiness, and are blessed to share our lives with our two furry Savannah daughters! We attach some pictures of their development!

As your most faithful customers and loyal fans, we hereby refer your business to my sister who lives in Italy. She is interested in buying 1 heroically sociable Savannah Cat. My sister has long been a fan of your Savannah Cats, and is now ready to bring such phenomenals creature into her life :-)). Thanks again for your flawless service and business! It really revolutionized our lives, we could not be happier with our girls, lol! We remain as always,

Your Great Fans and Loyal Supporters,

The Rodrigues Family