Mara - F5 Savannah Female

To everyone at A1 Savannahs,

We are SO HAPPY with our Mara. I can tell you all did a wonderful job raising her for her first few weeks of life. She became a loving and happy member of our family almost immediately.

She sleeps all night long with Jaime and I, and loves to romp and play with the kids.

They became best friends right off, and we are continually impressed with her sweet nature and beautiful markings. She has become the toast of our town!

A special note to Martin: thank you so much for answering all our
questions, and allowing us to adopt Mara. As you predicted, our friends on facebook have gone wild praising her beauty, and asking where we got her. Consequently, I have posted and forwarded your website many times, adding what a good experience it was and how professional, caring and knowledgeable you all are.

I expect you to receive many inquiries in the near future. There are not enough words to express how impressed and overjoyed we all are.

With all our gratitude, and wishing you all the very best,

Green Family