Love at First Sight


A few months ago, I was browsing YouTube with my daughter to show her some cat videos; I must say I’ve had some bad experience with cats in my youth and I’m more of a dog person, so we did not own a cat at home. But my daughter loves cats (and so do my wife and son), and I wanted to please her with these videos.

I do not remember exactly what keywords I typed in YouTube’s search engine, but I immediately fell in love with the magnificent look of this breed I had never heard of before! I began searching and gathering information about Savannahs, their temper, look, needs, price (yes, that too ;-)) and, since my wife is definitely a cat person, I began thinking I might offer her the opportunity to have her own cat at home, a cat with all the particulars I, myself, love in dogs: loyalty, tenderness, playful temperament…

We do live in Belgium, and I soon realized that there is not a single Savannah breeder in our country; being French speaker, I went out to seek a breeder in France. I called several of them, but I immediately had a good feeling with only one of them. We therefore decided to pay the breeder a visit to check if what we thought of about Savannahs fits what we felt with them when we actually meet them.

I basically told the breeder what I’ve been writing in this email and, as surprising as it can be (to me at least), he told me he was a trainee at your facility a little bit more than a year ago! Besides the feeling I had with Hicham and Karima from Feline Beauty (in Paris, France), the fact that they were trained by and with you was kind of a “Seal of Quality” to me for, as far as my research went on, you seem to be THE way to go as far as Savannahs are concerned.

My family have adopted two siblings F5 SBT, a male Guns and a female Galante, last Saturday (we initially thought about adopting a single cat, but deciding between two of the cats with whom we immediately had a mutual attraction for was too difficult for us ;-)), and we are very happy with them. They’ve only been part of our family (my wife and I, our two kids and our dog) for a couple days, but it seems as if they already feel comfortable with us all. We, on our side, feel totally comfortable with them.

If it weren’t for you, the videos you posted on YouTube and the “starting point documentation” I found on your website, I would probably never have felt ready to welcome a cat with us… Now I have two of them and I love them!

And I just wanted to thank you for that through this email.

Have a very nice day