Here is what our friends in Paris, France had to say about their beautiful cats (photos below):

Dear Friends,

Our house is not a castle, but a house with four levels; tastefully furnished, of course, as Jean-Pierre loves to decorate the interior with pretty things. The Paris apartment resembles a museum at times.

It always surprises people to see the cats move in complete freedom around here. We must tell you, though – it takes constant maintenance, as Cybele, the female Serval, marks her territory all day long! The apartment must be cleaned and perfumed so that no one could suspect the evil it is to keep this place absolutely spotless! Few people have the courage to do what we comes so naturally to us.

However, we do not regret a single thing. We love our cats so much – they are all wonderful in their own way.

I will send you more photos another day! It is late tonight and I am falling asleep.
Friendly regards to you all, and thank you for your friendship!

Jean-Pierre & Jean-Pierre