Calypso A1 Savannahs F2 Male

Calypso was hand delivered to a fashion designer in Beirut.
Here is what she had to say (photos below):


Calypso is divine and quite a little rascal! He jumps on Diego and sits on his back and has such adorable little habits… He loves playing so much, and I give him a good work out every evening with a long feather stick that I bought in London. They are best friends and adore each other. He really is the sweetest boy, and he loves everyone. I will send you some new pictures of him; he’s growing really well and eating so much! I got them both a lot of organic healthy food and vitamins and their coats are super shiny. They are both looking very happy and chirping all day long. Cooper is in love with beef and tuna, and he gulps it down before I even put it on his plate. It’s a true pleasure to have such a wonderful, happy kitty. Thank you.