Deo-Dynamite - F2 Savannah


I have been meaning to write to you sooner, but I have devoted every spare second of my time to my new kitten!!!!

And not unlike your other customers I have to boast about my cat. Esthetically he is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen, his ears are large and ordained with the most beautiful markings. His body is long and lean with distinct spots. His paws are huge and his legs are long. I have to believe you when you told me he may be one of the best looking Savannahs that you have ever sold.

But what is more attractive is his personality, he is so loving and trusting. He is playful with my 60 pound lab, nudges his face and plays with his tail. At night he sleeps under the covers in the curl of my stomach, and in the morning he is still in the same spot. I still have his quarantined to a single room in the house and when I walk in he greets me at the door and climbs up my leg. I purchased every cat toy in the store although he finds my personal baby blanket to be his favorite form of amusement right now….. he enjoys when we play tug of war with it. I want to say that his behavior is similar to a dog, but it is better….

Thank you and Martin so much for breeding such an exquisite animal. I will send photos in the next few days.