Nyra - F4 Savannah

I have had my f4 Savannah from A1 Savannah’s for nearly a month now. I am just in love with her, more than I even thought possible. Nyra formerly Faye has been a snuggly, loving and playful kitty since day 1. She loves to play, sleep on our laps, climb on our shoulders, purrs and meows when she sees herself in a mirror ha ha who can blame her? She is quite beautiful. I was nervous before she came after reading online that Savannahs can be a little standoffish and not like being held but our biggest issue with her is when she snuggles toooooo much making it hard for us to want to move her so we can get things done!

Thank you guys so much!!

One Year Later

I just LOVE Nyra, more than I ever even imagined possible! She is so funny and sweet and the most cuddly girl & of course beautiful! She sleeps under the covers at night after making muffins with her paws near my chest and bending down demanding kisses her little head before she gets settled for the night. She has a bazillion toys and loves to play! Sometimes she let’s me put costumes on her haha! She is just so great and makes us smile so many times a day :-D

- Ivy